Cortese Foot & Ankle Clinic
“Ms. Mary that sells the shoes in the Sole Savers Shoe Store has the BEST customer service!!! She is a JOY to step into your business!!"
“Wow! Dr. Craig knows what he is doing. He explains everything very well and takes the time to listen. Appreciate the sign for the Prairie Aviation Museum.”
“Very good experience, no pain. The staff was very good!”
“Staff was wonderful, helpful, sweet! Dr, Marrochello has a very nice bedside manner, is very knowledgable,takes her time, I never feel rushed, J.H.”
“Dr, Marrochello is very friendly and she knows what she is doing, very we'll educated in her profession, The best part is the foot rub, jw”
“i have been a patient for 25 years, always satisfied with the service, Love the Sole Savers Shoe Store and Mary, love my alegrias, Just purchased my 8th pair SC”
“We love Dr, Craig Cortese and all he has done to help my daughter get her injured foot healthy !! He is great with kids and really listens to his patients. We are very thankful a friend told us to come see Dr. Craig - we've been coming here 2 years and are thrilled with service provided. We also love the physical therapist Sharon! She is great with kids too and my daughter loved coming to her therapy sessions so she could see her! I would highly recommend this office! Amy Klemmensen “
“Excellent service! Doctor Cortese helped me tremendously and Mary helped me with shoes that are actually comfortable!”
“The Cortese Staff was very friendly and helpful when my son hurt his ankle. Dr. Cortese explained every detail and took x-rays, my son was very comfortable the entire visit. We really appreciate your great expertise. We loved the treatment we received:) “
“I have been a patient at cortese clinic for a # of years. They treat me like family. I have neuropathy in my feet due to diabetes. Craig cortese is the utmost professional”
“I highly recommend Dr Craig. He was so informative and gentle the whole process of my nail removal. Will def go back in the future if for any other issues.”
"Everyone at Cortese Foot and Ankle Clinic and the Sole Savers Shoe Store has been very nice to me, always have a smile and very polite :) Katie"
“I have to say that the gratitude I have for Dr Craig and all the staff is overwhelming! I would recommend anyone with any type of foot issue to see any of the doctors here! Friendly, caring, and understanding this office is #1 in my books!”
“Broke my toe...they were very diligent about making sure it was healing.”
“Great atmosphere. I am an employee and it's a privilege working for such caring and skilled doctors. They have helped me as a patient as well and I couldn't have been more pleased.”
"Dr. Marrochello has a pleasant personality and is a wonderful doctor. Her diagnosis is superb. Nice smile. Mary in the shoe store is also really smart and has a great personality. R.D."
"I'm telling everyone who has a foot problem to come see Dr. Carl Cortese to get the best help possible. He has the best staff ever! Very satisfied with all his podiatric services. I highly recommend Dr. Carl Cortese- and, if you need diabetic shoes or everyday shoes see Mary in the Sole Savers Shoe Store. They have a great selection!" - Lou Lazerson
"Extremely pleased with the treatment at Cortese Foot and Ankle Clinic. Unbelievable! Feet feel like walking! I used to go home and feet felt so bad, couldn't do anything. Now, I feel great! Special Treatment. Never had a problem after I left the Cortese Foot and Ankle Clinic!" - Larry Quinley. Saybrook, IL
“Love the great staff and the shoe store!! Can also have a nice pedicure here. – Bella Svensson”
“Very professional entire staff took care of all needed procedures in a timely manner – John Howell”

“I have been a patient at Cortese clinic for a # of years. They treat me like family. I have neuropathy in my feet due to diabetes. Craig Cortese is the utmost professional – Bonnie Moser”

“Dr. Carl Cortese and his staff are very professional and personable. I came to the foot and ankle clinic after months of dealing with pain in my foot. After only a few weeks of care and physical therapy my foot is almost normal again. I would highly recommend Cortese Foot and Ankle Clinic. If you have foot pain, don't wait-get it checked out by Cortese Foot and Ankle Clinic. - Monica McDonald”

“I have to say that the gratitude I have for Dr. Craig and all the staff is overwhelming! I would recommend anyone with any type of foot issue to see any of the doctors here! Friendly, caring, and understanding this office is #1 in my books! – Missy Bragg”

“I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Cortese and the staff here. They have gone above and beyond. The foot issues I had been dealing with for YEARS only took a couple of months to resolve under their care. Thank you! – Janet Moore”

“Cortese Foot & Ankle Clinic has helped me with plantar fasciitis. Since Dr. Craig Cortese did surgery on my foot, it has been pain free. I love the shoe store where they carry Naot brand shoes designed for plantar fasciitis - it's so nice to be able to wear fashionable shoes again. The whole office staff is very nice and professional and I would highly recommend the clinic for anyone having foot problems. – Nancy Zimmerman”

“I was recently treated for a sports related injury and very grateful for Dr. Carl Cortese and staff for taking the time to zero in on the injury and provide ample information on ways to recover quickly, safely, and effectively. Thank you so much! – Nicole Learned”

“Dr. Craig Cortese was great! Upfront and honest about my entire "process". It took a while to destroy the callous that was very painful for 5 years. He came up with a plan during the first appointment and he stuck to it 100%. I won't lie, removal was painful at times but he offered pain meds if I wanted them. I will go back if I ever need to and would recommend it to anyone! – Jeff Bertrand”

“I have been going to Cortese Foot and Ankle for many years. Dr. Carl and his staff are professional in the work they do. I have been going for regular 3 month checkups. I recently had to have a procedure (an A.B.I.) done on my feet at the Bloomington office. I had a 12:30 pm appointment and was whisked into the room within 5 minutes of the time of my arrival. The procedure took approximately 20 minutes. Dr. Carl they came in to talk about the results and said the x-rays would be ready in about 2 weeks. If you have any foot or ankle related problems, I suggest you to your friends and acquaintances to use Cortese Foot and Ankle in either Pontiac or Bloomington. You will be treated like a person, not like another patient on an assembly line. Dr. Carl will talk to you one-on-one and make the necessary recommendations about you treatment and care. – Mark Harringer”

“I'm from out-of-town and stopped in with a minor foot problem and the staff was so friendly and helpful! And ladies, if you need cute, sensible shoes this is the place to go! If you have foot/ankle problems or need footwear, this is the place to go! – Molly Chappell”